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Villages in Vega Baja Those who visit the beautiful province of Alicante should also stop for a few moments to enjoy the sunny Cost Blanca; Costa Blanca is the place that will impress you with its beauty and with the spectacular villages in Vega Baja. One of the most famous and popular villages is Albatera; it is so popular and famous especially among foreigners due to the fact that it is very easy to reach from the Murcia or Alicante airports. As most of the Vega Baja villages, Albatera sits on the spectacular banks that belong to the Segura River, location that offers it picturesque surroundings and landscapes that take your breath away. The area is a much visited one as it enjoys a splendid Mediterranean climate with almost no rainfall; this means that it does not matter when you decide to visit Albatera; the weather is most likely to be great. Some Albatera history Discoveries show that Albatera was inhabited starting with the pre-historic Era. The Romans became very interested in Albatera in the 3rd century BC as they were interested in many other Spanish villages and cities. The 5th century came with the Arabs who conquered the village of Albatera after fighting with the Romans. However, the Christians re-conquered it in 1266. 1296 was a very important year for Albatera as King Jaime II decided to integrate Albatera into the vast Kingdom of Aragon. This is how Albatera started to develop and flourish. Albatera became part of Alicante in 1833 and the agriculture started to become more and more modern. Albatera always lived with the help of agriculture which used an irrigating system based on the waters of the Segura River and with the help of pig farming. However, the Albatera you visit today is not all about agriculture. Albatera today Palm trees and white washed houses is what you will find in today's Albatera. Since you are there, make sure you visit the Parochial Church located in the centre of the main square; the church was built in 1729 and became famous thanks to its doorway which displays an outstanding Baroque architectural style. Another ��'must'' in Albatera is represented by the Park of the Orchards, an area of 30,000 sqm covered with beautiful gardens, a lake, numerous fountains and walking routes. You have to visit Albatera! The village will win your heart! About the author The vakantiehuizen javea has been selected for your ideal holiday, so look around in our selection. There is always vakantiehuizen costa brava or vakantiehuizen begur that meets your needs.